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Fast feedback from friends and worldwide community.
  • Ever stuck between two options? Get instant community feedback now!
  • Don't just ask friends for honest feedback. Ask the 7 million Swelly community who is passionate about providing opinions. Make new friends after getting the best recommendations.
  • Share your questions or start voting to help friends and heroes make better decisions.

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Fastest way to actionable insights.
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A global Community with 7 Million Users in over 200 countries.

Questions and answers

Asking questions and getting instantaneous answers by the community.


Generation Z alone shared 100 Million Opinions in 2017.


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About Us

Who we are.

With 🐳 Swelly we created the simplest possible experience to get feedback and help others when being indecisive. It started as a photo app and grew into a multi-platform social network that helps people with daily decisions.

A talented team and a passionate social network with over 7 million people allows you to make the best decisions within minutes. Founded in 2016, we moved forward as one of the fastest growing startups in Austria with expertise in community growth, influencer relations, innovative market research solutions, as well as building and marketing chatbots.


  • Photo of Peter Buchroithner
    Peter Buchroithner
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Photo of Manfred Strasser
    Manfred Strasser
    Co-Founder, COO
  • Photo of Philipp Holly
    Philipp Holly
    Co-Founder, CTO

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Located in Vienna, Austria and Los Angeles, California we provide inspiring work places for motivated individuals. You've the swell spirit? - Let's make future decisions together.

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Drop us a line and send it to info@swelly.ai or get in touch on one of our social media channels.

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